Lyle/Mormon Lake Trail

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One of the most scenic hikes in the Fryingpan River area, the trail goes through acres of broad valleys and scattered trees for the first 1.5 miles to Lyle Lake. About 300 feet above and quarter-mile further than Lyle Lake is a tarn (small lake) to explore before going on to Mormon Lake. Once at Lyle Lake, there are two choices for how to get to Mormon Lake; the path to the right is shorter, but involves crossing a small boulder field. Follow the trail over the crest to a gentle traverse. Climb toward a wall at the valley’s head to a grassy vale, pass a tarn on your left, and continue left see Mormon Lake, 80 feet below. The trailhead to Lyle Lake is 1.5 miles, and the trailhead to Mormon Lake is 1.8 miles.

Difficulty: Moderate

From Basalt to the Trailhead: Travel 33 miles up the Fryingpan River Road until the pavement ends, bear left and go 10 more miles to a sign pointing to Hagerman Pass. Turn left onto Forest Road #105 (no sign) for 100 feet. Park at the bulletin board.

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