Dexter Park Trail

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Black Biking

A singletrack climb or descent with views of Coal Basin and the Elk Mountains.The trail starts out through a pine forest, then opens up into large meadows on the top.

Difficulty: Difficult

From Basalt to the trailhead: Take Highway 82 from Basalt to Carbondale. Then County Road #108 for 7.4 miles. Turn left onto a dirt road that immediately goes downhill. The road goes downhill for 2.5 miles to a stream crossing, then uphill for about a mile to a pass. In a half mile, take the right fork onto County Road #306.

From the Thompson Creek Road #306, there is minimal to no sign of a trail. From the end of the road, head back downhill a couple hundred yards or so. You may see some cut logs and a slight hint of trail. Leave the road and walk downhill through the grass until you get to the creek. On the other side of the creek, you’ll see a very obvious trail, with no sign, heading up the other side.

More here from Aspen Trail Finder. Also check Forest Service information.