• Double Gold Medals

    By Karin Teague

    “River towns” are common in the Colorado Rockies—“two-gold-medal-river towns” are not. Basalt’s Fryingpan and Roaring Fork Rivers, which converge in the downtown core, not only define our town geographically and support world-class fishing, they bring ospreys, bighorn sheep, and myriad other birds and wildlife to our doorstep;… Read More

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  • Basalt Bucket List: 10 Things You Must Do

    A bucket list of 10 things you must do to experience the best that Basalt has to offer! You'll find history, hiking, art, fishing, local farmers, and unique offerings! Read More
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  • Mountain Biking and Hiking Keeps Getting Better

    Got a hankering for earthen trails and mountain views? Basalt has them all — it’s merely a question of how much time you have. From a relaxing walk through the Lake Christine State Wildlife Area to a mountain-bike odyssey on the flanks of 12,953-foot Mount Sopris, the middle Roaring Fork Valley offers a hike or ride for everyone. Read More
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  • The Art of Fun: Basalt In Winter

    Those in the know understand that the best move for a Basalt stay isn’t to head directly to Aspen for all your adventure. Rather, savvy visitors tuck down into Basalt itself where they discover an entire winter cornucopia. From Nordic and backcountry skiing to breathtaking winter hikes, to the thrill of fat tire biking or the uber thrill of ice karting (the only place in North America you can enjoy that wild, wonderful sport), Basalt is a winter destination in itself. Read More
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  • A Taylored Catch: A Day in the Life of a Fly Guide

    Article by Sara shaw

    BASALT MAGAZINE | 2017-2018

    It’s 7am as Taylor Logsdon is rolling into Scottie’s to put in is usual order for hearty sandwiches and makes one more stop for some fried chicken to accompany some fresh salads and coleslaw. After he loads up the cooler he heads… Read More

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  • Get Bitten By the River Bug

    Article by Todd Hartley 

    Anglers call it the green drake. You can call it the bug that put Basalt on the fly-fishing map. Officially, it’s Ephemera guttulata, a species of mayfly. It’s an aquatic insect whose presence is an indicator of a healthy freshwater habitat. In fly-fishing circles, the hatch… Read More

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  • Side Trip: Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES)

    Explore food, farming, and fun with ACES at Rock Bottom Ranch! Rock Bottom Ranch is an educational farm, wildlife preserve, and visitor center between the Roaring Fork River and the Rio Grande Trail in Basalt. The site is operated by the non-profit Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) and… Read More

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  • Looking East, West, North and South

    Article by Cameron Burns

    BASALT is one of those rare mountain towns where you can go out the door in any direction and find adventure, in both summer and winter. Sitting at the confluence of two well-loved Gold Medal streams, Basalt also is nestled between several distinct mountain chains whose… Read More

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  • YEAR-ROUND FUN: A Town For All Seasons

    Article by Cameron Burns

    CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve chosen the perfect place from which to launch your next outdoor adventure. Basalt is in the sweet spot of the Roaring Fork Valley, halfway between Glenwood Springs and Aspen at the gateway to the Fryingpan Valley. So whether you’re looking to hammer some challenging… Read More

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  • The Wonder of Water: Roaring Fork Conservancy

    ROARING FORK CONSERVANCY (RFC) is one of the largest watershed organization in Colorado. Since 1996, the RFC has inspired people to explore, value and protect the Roaring Fork Watershed through our watershed education, science, and policy programs. Over the past 21 years, the nonprofit has taught over 110,000 students… Read More

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