In 2020 the Basalt Chamber and Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) will have a no-contact, digital process tied to the Chamber Pass Program. Below are step-by-step instructions for Step 1 of the Chamber Pass Program Process: Opting In

Process Overview

  1. Opt-in | Directions below
  2. Verification of Eligibility
  3. Pass Selection
  4. Pass Payment

Important Notice

The entire Chamber Pass Program process will be delayed if the pre-verification checklist items have not been addressed by the business prior to the member opt-in.

Step 1: Member Opt-In

Member takes action

The designated Chamber Pass Program representative completes an online Chamber registration form to opt-in to the program. The chamber is repurposing the event registration function on our website to create the online opt-in process for our members. Only the designated Chamber Season Pass representative for the business completes the registration form. One form per representative per business.

Chamber Season Pass representative – Visit the 2020-21 ASC Chamber Pass Program Opt-in “event” page to register.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the business to complete this form. The chamber will NOT complete it for you.

Chamber Pass Program - start screen

Click Register Now.

The registration page will then display. Read the information, then scroll down.

For this process, there will only be one “attendee” for the “event” – the Chamber Season Pass representative. This should be the person completing the registration form.

Click Add Attendee (purple button).

Chamber Pass Program - Registration screen 1 bottom

The form will ask for the Chamber Season Pass representative’s email address. This needs to be the email associated with the representative and the login for the member portal. (No login created? Create one now.Basalt Chamber Member Portal instructions [PDF]).

Click Continue.

Chamber Pass Program - Member login

Complete the form in its ENTIRETY. All fields are required (except comments):

  • Chamber Season Pass representative’s first and last name
  • Chamber Season Pass representative’s email address
  • Chamber Season Pass representative’s job title
  • Chamber Season Pass representative’s phone
  • Business physical (street) address – no P.O. Boxes!
  • Business physical city/town 
  • Business zip code
  • Total number of full-time employees based on the ASC definition for the program: Someone who works a minimum of 20 hours/wk during the winter season, receives a W2 and whose primary address is in the RFV. Please enter a numerical value.
  • If needed – comments for chamber staff.

If incorrect information in the chamber database, you will need to correct that in the form.

Click Save Changes.

Chamber Pass Program - Registration form

The screen will then display the Chamber Season Pass representative’s information for review as an “attendee”. If you need to edit any information, click the person icon.

There is NO charge for this process – disregard the Total Amount.

Again – the only “Attendee” should be the Chamber Season Pass representative. Do NOT add any other individuals. 

Click Next >> to go to the following screen.

Chamber Pass Program - Attendee screen 2

This screen allows you to review your information one last time. Click Next >> to submit the request for verification.

Chamber Pass Program - Comments

Congrats! Your information has been submitted. A confirmation email will be sent to the address used during the registration process. Please allow two business days for chamber staff to process your request.

Chamber Pass Program - Confirmation

Next Steps

Verification of Eligibility – Chamber takes action

Pass Selection – Member takes action

Pass Payment – Member and ASC take action