Digital Process Overview

In 2020, the Chamber Pass Program will be a no-contact, digital process. Like all things in 2020, this may change slightly.

First – Did you complete the pre-verification checklist?


  1. Opt-in
  2. Verification of Eligibility
  3. Pass Selection
  4. Pass Payment

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STEP 1 | Opt-in

Member takes action

The designated Chamber Pass Program representative completes the online Chamber registration process to opt-in to the program.


The Chamber Pass Program representative will receive this confirmation email from the Chamber’s database, with next steps, once Step 1 | Opt-in has been completed successfully:

Chamber Pass Step 1 Opt In confirmation email

STEP 2 | Verification of Eligibility

Chamber takes action

Chamber staff reviews the registration, and determines if the member meets the eligibility requirements of the Chamber Pass Program.

If the member does NOT MEET the qualifications:

  • Chamber staff will contact the Chamber Pass Program representative to explain the required steps that must be taken in order for the business to be considered eligible. This will delay the overall process.
  • Avoid this extra step! – Complete the pre-verification checklist PRIOR to Step 1.

If the member does MEETS the qualifications:

  • Chamber staff adds the member’s information to Aspen Skiing Company’s eligible chamber member businesses database. Old process reference: This is the equivalent of the raised seal stamped on the triplicate form.
  • Chamber staff emails the Chamber Pass Program representative details about the program with a link to the online Aspen Skiing Company Pass Order Form, as well as the official 2020-21 Aspen Skiing Company letter and 2020-21 Chamber Pass Program Guidelines. Old process reference: This is the equivalent of the Aspen Skiing Company letter outlining the fine print about the program, and ticket office hours/locations.


  • Allow up to two business days for Chamber staff to process the registration form and complete the verification of eligibility for the Chamber Pass Program discount.
  • Complete the pre-verification checklist PRIOR to Step 1.
  • Chamber staff will not verify your eligibility with ASC until the annual membership investment has been made. Pay online.

The Chamber Pass Program representative will receive this confirmation email from the Chamber, with next steps, once Step 2 | Verification of Eligibility has been completed successfully:


The Chamber’s role is to verify eligibility for the discount.

The rest of the process is done directly with Aspen Skiing Company.

STEP 3 | Pass Selection

Member takes action

The designated Chamber Pass Program representative clicks the link in the email provided by the Chamber,  completing the Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) Season Pass Order Form. Enter the total quantity and type of passes requested. Old process reference: This is the equivalent of going to an Aspen Skiing Company ticket office.

The form will ask for a preferred payment method, however no payment will be made to ASC at this time (that is Step 4):


If “Send me a copy of my responses” was selected (checked) on the order form:

The Chamber Pass Program representative will receive this confirmation email from Aspen Skiing Company once Step 3 | Verification of Eligibility is completed successfully:

Chamber Pass Program ASC pass order confirmation email screenshot


  • ASPEN SKIING COMPANY WILL EMAIL YOU to organize payment once the order has been received AND information has been verified with the Chamber of Commerce of which you are a member. Please allow 2-3 days for contact and processing. Information in the pass order form will be cross-referenced with the Chamber provided to ASC during the verification of eligibility in Step 2.
  • Review pass types prior to ordering. Questions can be directed to Be sure to review the Aspen Skiing Company FAQs prior to contacting them.
  • Review ASC’s payment requirements, as this will impact Step 4. Payment must be made within 10 days AND before the Early Pricing deadline.
  • Be sure to read all the policies, details and qualifications tied to the Chamber Pass Program. (Scroll down the page and click to open all the gray boxes). Also read the COVID-19 policy update. Fraudulent use is illegal and violators will be charged a fee and face possible revocation of ski/riding privileges. It is on the business and its employees to abide by the terms of the program.
  • For pass insurance questions, visit or call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839 for more information.

STEP 4 | Pass Payment

Member takes action with ASC

Important: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! Allow enough time for ASC to contact the designated Chamber Pass Program representative, and to complete the payment process (which may take some back and forth communications).

ASC will email the designated Chamber Pass Program representative with details on how to complete the payment process. The subject line of the email will include “[Business Name] Order Received- Payment Required.” Attached with be the Sales Order Confirmation PDF. PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN ITS ENTIRETY as it contains important information on next steps.

It looks like this:

Step 4 ASC Payment Required Email

The Sales Order Confirmation will include an itemized list of the different products ordered and total costs. Any ASC 2019-20 pass credit on file will be listed under the Payments section. NOTE: The Total listed under the top portion of the order will NOT note the 2019 credit under Discount (because it is a credit, not a discount). The credit will be taken into account during the final payment transaction.

Step 4 ASC Sales Order Confirmation PDF

Follow the payment instructions in the email. If you choose the pay by Business Credit Card over the Phone with Email Verification option, reply to the ASC email with a photo of the business credit card showing the name on the credit card and last four digits of the credit card number. (Hide all but last 4 digits of the CC number). Once that is done, call the phone number at the top of the Sales Order Confirmation PDF (attached file). Press Option 1, then Option 1 again. Have the Sales Order # ready so that you can provide it to the ASC Phone Representative. If you have not opted into the Travel Guard Insurance, you have the opportunity to do so while on the phone with the representative.

Once payment is received, your order will be fulfilled by ASC. The Chamber Pass Representative will receive an email confirming payment: 

Step 4 ASC Payment Confirmation email

The business has officially locked in the Early Pricing rate for passes.

Now about those vouchers…

The business can receive the Chamber Pass Vouchers from ASC in two ways, likely in tandem with the purchase process:

  • In person – Pick up your Chamber Pass Vouchers (traditional paper version) from any open Ticket Office. Ticket Office Hours
  • Via email – Get your Chamber Pass Voucher numbers via email (electronic file version). This may take 2-3 days to process.

Below is an example of a traditional paper voucher:

Old ASC Vouchers


If you selected to pay by Business Credit Card over the Phone with Email Verification, the Chamber Pass Representative will get an email from ASC noting that payment was received. There will be two attachments: the final Sales Order, indicating final payment methods (both company payment and any 2019 pass credit); and an Excel file with the individual voucher numbers that will be assigned to employees/spouses. This may take a few days.

Step 4 ASC Payment Received Final Voucheremail

Congratulations – you have completed the 2020 Chamber Pass Program process!

Voucher Redemption (No action required now)

IMPORTANT: Voucher Refunds: Unredeemed* 2020-2021 Chamber pass vouchers may be returned to Aspen Skiing Company for full refunds through February 15, 2021. Refunds will NOT be provided after February 15, 2021. Once a voucher has been turned into a pass, after November 20, 2020, it becomes nonrefundable even if the pass is never used. *Unredeemed means that the voucher has NOT been loaded onto an RFID Aspen Card.

Season Pass Refunds: All unused 2020 – 2021 season passes are fully refundable through November 20, 2020. After November 20, 2020, passes are nonrefundable and unused days have no value. Once you decide to keep your pass, insurance must be purchased before the start of the season to cover your investment.

CHAMBER PRO TIP: Feel free to distribute the appropriate voucher number to your employees, however it is recommended that they to keep it in the voucher form (i.e. not loaded onto the RFID Aspen Card) until they plan on skiing. By taking this approach, the voucher could still be returned for its full value if something happens between now and the winter season.

Voucher Redemption required: Please provide your employees (and their spouses) with the appropriate voucher number. Your employees can then go into a ticket office or call 877-872-7702 to redeem the voucher for your pass. 

EVERY PASSHOLDER is required to sign a NEW season pass waiver.  If they did not have a 2019-2020 season pass they will also be required to upload a new photo.  Each employee can click here to prep for the season.

Photos are required for all Season Passes, and new photos are required annually for all passholders under the age of 18. Your employees can log into your account here to upload a photo.

If you purchased an Adult or Senior Premier Pass, or redeem a voucher for a Chamber Premier Pass during the Spring Season Pass Sale, you will receive an email from with a unique promo code for your complimentary Ikon Base Pass. We will begin issuing promo codes in early October. This promo code is valid for the passholder only, and must be redeemed by December 10, 2020. Complimentary Ikon Base passes are not valid at Aspen Snowmass or Jackson Hole.