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2020-21 Season updates

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The latest news

(updated 10/15/2020)

Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) has published details and rates for the 2020-21 Season Passes, including the Chamber Pass Program. Passes are now on sale. Early Pricing ends on November 13, 2020, so DO NOT wait until the last minute!

Snowmass and Aspen Mountain will open for the season on November 26, 2020. With safety precautions in place, ASC plans to be open through April 18, 2021.

  • Snowmass: November 26, 2020 – April 18, 2021
  • Aspen Mountain: November 26, 2020 – April 18, 2021
  • Aspen Highlands: December 12, 2020 – April 4, 2021
  • Buttermilk: December 18, 2020 – April 4, 2021

This year’s process is completely digital!

To ensure the safety of our chamber members, staff and ASC personnel, this year the Chamber season pass process will be no contact process. Please do NOT physically visit the chamber office in order to get access to the discounted pass. In fact, based on the structure of the digital process, coming in person will actually delay your transactions.

Webinar – recorded on October 7, 2020

Our executive director explains the Chamber Pass Program, reviews the new digital process, highlights best practices for a smooth experience and answers member questions. All the links referenced in the presentation appear in the Resources section below.

Resources – READ ME

You will want to click and read these links.

Pre-verification checklist | Complete this PRIOR to starting the pass process.
Aspen Skiing Company Chamber Passes Page | Pass types, prices and fine print.
Click this –> Digital Process Overview | An outline of all four steps in the process.
Aspen Snowmass 20-21 Chamber Letter | Direct from ASC – what’s new this season
Aspen Snowmass 20-21 Chamber Pass Program Guidelines | How the program works and the rules.
Chamber Pass Program Frequently Asked Questions | You’ve asked, we’ve answered.

Best practices

  • Renew your membership by paying your dues online. If you are unsure of an invoice number or total amount due, please call or email. Due to the volume of transactions processed during this time and limited staffing, please do not call to pay by credit card. Use online payment. While checks are still accepted, there is a processing delay, especially for those mailed. 
  • Designate one Chamber Pass Program Representative. This person should be an owner/manager/HR/Payroll person.
  • Complete the opt-in registration early. Allow enough time for the entire process to be completed prior to the Early Pricing deadline. Registrations will be processed within two business days. The chamber will stop processing requests on November 11, in order to allow ASC enough time to contact you before the price increase.
  • Read the ASC details on Chamber Passes. At least 90% of common questions about the program are answered there.
  • Read the fine print. This includes pass program requirements, COVID related details, insurance options and more. Purchasing the passes means you accept these terms.
  • Document who receives passes. Businesses should ensure the correct documentation is accessible in case of a pass audit.
  • Read emails sent by the Chamber. There is important information in those emails!


  • Do NOT wait until the last minute. It takes time to process requests. If you wait, it literally may cost you – up to $300 per Premier pass. The chamber will stop processing requests on November 11, in order to allow ASC enough time to contact you before the price increase.
  • Do NOT complete the registration form if you are not the designated Chamber Pass Program Representative for the business. One form per representative per business. 
  • Do NOT physically come to the office to complete the process. Online payment is available. The opt-in registration is online. Visiting in-person will actually SLOW DOWN the verification process. Staff will NOT manually complete the form on your behalf.
  • Do NOT ask chamber staff for information outlined on the Aspen Skiing Company website. Check there first, read over it, then if you get stuck, reach out. What we know is based on that page – most of the questions asked by members are addressed there. Click here for general information about all ASC passes
  • Do NOT ask chamber staff for advice on the organization’s pass selection. While we are here to support our chamber members, this is ultimately a business decision for your organization. Pass specific questions should be directed to ASC. The chamber does NOT need to know what passes the business is getting – we simply verify that the business is eligible for the discount.

Each year, the Aspen Skiing Company, in partnership with the Roaring Fork Valley Chambers, provides an incredible Member-to-Member discount through its Chamber Pass Program. The savings on the Premier Pass – which provides unlimited skiing/riding during the winter season, as well as additional summertime benefits – is $600 per pass. If your organization takes advantage of this Member-to-Member benefit, your Chamber membership more than pays for itself. This is the most widely used Chamber benefit.

It pays to be a member – Chamber pass program savings

2020-21 season savings based on passes purchased by the Early discount deadline (November 13, 2020)

  • Premier -$600 savings per pass
  • Valley Weekday – $100 savings per pass 

Details can be found in the Aspen Skiing Company website – 2020-21 Aspen Skiing Company Season Pass overview.

Chamber Pass Audit

Typically occurs in January.

Each Chamber Pass is the property of the business that purchased it and it is the business’s responsibility to ensure that the passes purchased by the business are only being used by bona fide employees and spouses.

Aspen Skiing Company defines a bona fide employee as one who works a minimum of 20 hours a week during the winter season, receives a W2 and whose primary residence is in the Roaring Fork Valley. If an employee with a Chamber Pass resigns, is terminated or works less than the minimum requirement during the ski season, it is your responsibility to revoke the pass from that individual (and spouse) and notify Aspen Skiing Company. Revoked passes are not eligible for refunds but may be transferred to another employee (or spouse).

A random audit of businesses will be performed each year to ensure compliance with the Chamber Pass Program. Businesses that do not submit information at the request of the Chamber or are found to be in noncompliance will incur a fee. Each noncompliant pass must be upgraded to an individual pass at the regular pricing season (which could be a charge the difference of $1,050 for the Premier Pass). Businesses could also have all passes suspended for the duration of the season and/or be ineligible to participate in the Chamber Pass Program in subsequent years. Businesses not in compliance will be audited again the following year.

If chosen to be part of the audit you will need to provide one of the following documents as verification for each employee in question in the time frame indicated by the Chamber of Commerce:

  • A copy of the fourth quarter Colorado State Unemployment report: Form UITR-1.
  • If you are a Partnership or S-Corporation: Provide schedule K and individual partners’ schedule K-1 from the federal tax return, Form 1065.
  • If you are a sole proprietor: Provide schedule C from your tax return, Form 1040.
  • In lieu of a partnership K-1, S-Corporation or Individual Schedule C, a signed affidavit by an independent CPA including verification of compliance with the program guidelines listed above will be accepted for proprietors, partners or corporations only.

If chosen to be part of the audit you will need to provide one of the following documents as verification for each spouse in question in the time frame indicated by the Chamber of Commerce:

  • Marriage License
  • Civil Union License
  • State of Colorado Affidavit of Common Law Marriage that is registered with the county


Documentation: Make sure you can provide the correct documentation for your employees and spouses before you issue them a discount chamber pass voucher.

Keep track of your vouchers: It is the responsibility of the business to keep a record of recipients of the chamber discount pass vouchers. We suggest you keep a spreadsheet of all the voucher numbers and the corresponding name of the employee or spouse.

2019-20 ASC Pass Credit

In May 2020, Aspen Skiing Company ASC) announced as a result of the shorter-than-normal season (2019-20) that it would be offering flexible credits that could be used towards the next winter season (2020-21). Chamber members were notified via email with a document noting a credit voucher ID and the total value of the credit, based on the passes purchased on behalf of employees issued to the specific business. The flexible credits can be applied towards ASC purchases through April 30, 2021, either for purchases made by the business, or it can be transferred it employees. 

Chamber businesses received the following credit amounts per pass:

  • Chamber Premier – $150
  • Chamber Double Flex – $125
  • Chamber Flex – $90

For a detailed breakdown of the business’s credit by passholder contact Aspen Skiing Company:

NOTE: This is a credit, not a refund, and the voucher information should be treated as a gift card. The Basalt Chamber was provided with credit voucher ID and the total value of the credit, which was then emailed to the contact information on file for the member. ASC does have an internal record of this, and the business point of contact will be asked by ACS how to apply the credit during the pass purchasing process. The chamber does not receive nor accept this credit; it is purely between the business and ASC.